The Invisible World

Friday May 5th 8:45PM

Westport Saloon


"The Invisible World is a 5-piece alternative rock band from Kansas City, Missouri. With the release of their second EP “Color/Echo” the band has discovered a sound and vibrance that blends genres while cascading passionate lyrics on every piece of life. The roots of the band stretch back nearly 15 years, but in it’s current form The Invisible World presents a fast moving alternative rock-folk sound with influences from every corner.

With the debut release of “Welcome to The Invisible World” in early 2014, the band embarked on a promotion that landed over 150 radio adds in markets across the country and several licensing contracts with major television networks for usage of the EP. “Better Man”, the EP single, recently appeared on NASCAR’s Race Hub. In addition to the band’s music discography, in 2014 The Invisible World’s music video/short film “Cars” was an official selection in the Berlin International Short Film Festival. The Invisible World’s second EP “Color/Echo” is currently reinforcing the momentum that has been started as the band continues to book summer shows and festivals across the Midwest; gaining the attention of music lovers across the world.

For the members of The Invisible World, creating music is a way of exploring the many paths that life will lead us down. It is a true and honest presentation of a world that lives only in our minds, The Invisible World."