Shy Boys


Friday May 5th 10:00PM

Californos Patio


Collin Rausch, Kyle Rausch, and Konnor Ervin started Shy Boys sometime in 2011ish, maybe 2012. Around the same time they decided to move in a house together on Bell in KCMO. Living conditions in the house really deteriorated over the next few years. Collin slept with over stuffed trash bags in his room for weeks, there were rat problems, the kitchen floor was caving in and the back yard was a jungle of vines, trees, and eight foot tall weed. The poor upkeep elsewhere in the house meant the bell boys spent a lot of time together playing in the living room. Bands like The Conquerors, Fullbloods, War, and The ACBs all used the space for practice at some point, and it housed a few shows as well. During the Bell house years, Shys released a s/t record on local High Dive Records and a follow up 7" a few months later. They toured across most of the USA playing to a range of 0-2000 people per night, and sometimes with bands they were big fans of. More recently they added their friend Kyle Little to the band to play keyboards and guitars. Shy Babies don't live on Bell anymore, but are currently working on a new record that could be out this year.