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Mysterious Clouds

Saturday June 30th 4:00PM

Rez Downtown


edric Moore of Kansas City psych-electronic band Monta At Odds, while reading a Philip K. Dick short story about Martian cloud people coming to Earth for safety (and not receiving it), news broke that ‘Mysterious Clouds’ had formed on Mars. This coincidence (or was it a form of communication from the universe that shouldn’t be neglected?) seemed too intense not to act upon. A new identify was formed – aptly titled Mysterious Clouds. Dedric walked through the haze, grabbed a guitar and a variety of fuzz pedals, and set the controls for interstellar travel. Illuminated by an emotion from beyond, he started writing songs about space, lost time, regret, panic, and nervous hope for the future of humanity.

Mysterious Clouds is a project that explores aspects of cosmic space music. The group was formed in 2015 and the music is composed by Kansas City, Kansas musician Dedric Moore with songwriting assistance from his brother Delaney Moore. Live performances feature a rotating cast of members, including Brian Hodes and Monta at Odds bandmates Aaron Osborne, Zach Bozich, Matthew Hayden, and Adam Davies. Jonathan Thatch of HMPH! and Mika Tayana have also played drums with the group as well. Mysterious Clouds was created to explore various forms of psychedelic music and the darker elements of nature with inspirations from 60’s Italian cinema, 70’s British TV action music, San Francisco hippie psychedelic rock, garage rock, progressive rock, experimental music, psych-pop, and post-punk. Mysterious Clouds have performed with Deerhoof, Mono, Crocodiles, Ancient River, Thor & Friends, The Octopus Project, Hibou, the Myrrors, Spaceface, Expo 70, and more.

Their first release, Vibrations Shake the Path on Haymaker Records, explores the classic 60’s mono mix approach. The follow-up full-length Panic on the Noon Meridian was released on May 26, 2017 as a collaborative release between Haymaker Records and Lawrence, Kansas cassette tape label Whatever Forever and explores swirls of shoegaze rock, the space exploration of psychedelia, and the drone of ambient music. The group’s latest EP, My Head is Going Round, features recording artist Taryn Blake Miller of Your Friend fame and is perfect for driving, relaxing on the beach, low settings on the treadmill, foggy basements, and basking in the sun.


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