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Saturday June 30th 5:00PM

Temple Sounds


The founder of UN/TUCK, MXMRS, is the phantom and brainchild of Mazzy Mann. Mazzy Mann is a Kansas City based performance artist, producer, musician, and Charlotte Street resident. MX, a gender neutral suffix, and MRS, the co-suffix, represent the erasure of identity. Her music is built around elevating trans and queer voices by shedding light to the dark parts of the queer experience.

BTRFLY, member of UN/TUCK and the animorphic alter ego of Zoey Shopmaker, seeks to communicate the ineffable with sounds that resemble our most primal emotions. She has oft been quoted as saying her music is "sexy but sad." More specifically, she makes hip hop, trap, and dance music. As the name suggests, BTRFLY lives and dies by the transformative process--and her sense of queerness reflects that: BTRFLY exists beyond definition, in a place where appearance and identity change faster than river rapids.


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