Kemet the Phantom


Saturday May 6th 5:10PM

Tank Room


Kemet Coleman otherwise known as Kemet the Phantom is one of Kansas City most elusive and heralded musicians. As a vocalist and producer of his own music, Kemet seamlessly combines elements of Jazz and Electronic Music in his award winning production style with Rap aesthetics. Known for his dapper style and associations with Strange Music artists including Tech N9ne, Ces Cru and JL of Bhood, Kemet the Phantom prioritizes keen lyricism with energetic, syncopated rhyme patterns. His performance style is often considered to be one of the most energetic and orchestrated in the Midwest often times taking on a James Brown-esque sensibility as a complete showman. Kemet the Phantom is also the lead singer of the dance band, The Phantastics, as well as Hip-Hop duo Center of Attention.