Chris Meck and the Guilty Birds


Thursday May 4th 8:30PM



Chris Meck’s poignant guitar playing has long been a fixture of Kansas City’s music scene. He plays his instrument with finesse, thoughtfulness and devotion; sometimes it shreds, sometimes it weeps, sometimes it lacerates. After the passing of his wife and musical partner Abigail Henderson in 2013, Meck began writing songs for the first time, and formed the Guilty Birds.

The introduction of bassist Calandra Ysquierdo and drummer Michelle Bacon solidified the group as a rock ‘n roll power trio. In 2016, the Guilty Birds released their debut full-length album, “It’s 4 A.M. Somewhere.” With potent grooves and girl-group harmonies that soulfully blend with Meck’s earnest songwriting and emotive guitar voicings, the album has been met with high praise. The trio supported prestigious touring acts, including Los Lobos and Band of Heathens; earned coveted festival spots such as YouBloomLA and Boulevardia; and has received airplay on more than 60 radio stations across North America and Europe.